DACO Restore and Repair

    Care for your home and the pieces you love with our furniture restoration and repair service.

    Why We Do It

    Enjoy Dalisay with Peace of Mind

    Our furniture is made to be loved for a very long time but sometimes, accidents happen. With DACO Restore and Repair you don’t have to worry about disposing of your well-loved Dalisay Collection pieces because we can help you maintain or repair them.


    Conscious Consumption

    We believe that quality furniture is meant to be cared for and loved for a very long time. You can help minimize waste and practice conscious consumption by having your pieces repaired and refurbished to be loved again and again instead of throwing them out at the first sign of damage.


    Personalized Service

    Each repair will be handled by our team personally from beginning to end. Items will be picked up and delivered from your home and services will be personalized to suit your needs.

    How it Works

    Step 1

    Fill out the form below with details on the furniture item you'd like to be restored or repaired. We'll follow up for photos and more details.

    Step 2

    We'll send you a quotation and timeline for the service.

    Step 3

    Schedule your pick-up date. We work with local carpenters in the Philippines to make your item like new again.

    Step 4

    When the item is ready, you will be notified of the delivery date for its return.

    Have a Dalisay Collection Item You Need Repaired or Refurbished?


    What furniture items do you accept for DACO Repair and Restore Services?

    Currently this is only available for items purchased by Dalisay Collection and each case is handled on a case by case basis.

    How much does it cost for a restoration or repair?

    Costs are handled on a case by case basis. Our team will work with you individually to create a custom restoration or repair plan and provide a quotation for the service for your review and confirmation prior to starting any services.

    Can you repair the furniture that was not purchased from Dalisay Collection?

    At this time DACO Restore and Repair Services are only available for Dalisay Collection items.