S-Table-02 Volcanic Stone Side Table

    Limited Collection Item 

    This sculptural piece was created as a homage to the thrilling beauty of one of nature’s most dramatic, though sometimes devastating, events – a volcano eruption.

    The bottom piece of this multifunctional side table, stool, or sculpture is made with volcanic stone that is a byproduct of the active volcano, Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines. The stone itself, which must be harvested to avoid clogging local rivers that lead to flooding in surrounding areas, is given new life in our design.

    This piece takes four days of chiseling by local artisans to reveal the unique colors of each stone used, before being matched with a wood top made with salvaged acacia wood from felled trees following typhoons. It’s the masterful art of hand chiseling and the raw stone coloring that makes each piece a truly one of a kind art piece. We created a piece that embodies beauty and resiliency in the midst of catastrophes -- a trait humans are known to have. It is available exclusively on the Dalisay Collection website in limited quantities.

    Special Notes

    As each specially volcanic stone is unique, please expect some color variation for the stone base of the table. Each of these distinctive tables is part of a highly limited collection available for direct purchase only. While perfectly functional, S-Table-02 can be admired as a unique sculptural piece, and not recommended for frequent moving due to the delicate, yet heavy nature of volcanic stone. 


    400Ø x 530H mm


    Solid Acacia Wood
    Volcanic Stone with metal bottom support base

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    Availability and Lead Time
    Available for pre-order with estimated delivery time in 6-8 weeks.


    All Dalisay Collection pieces are uniquely made by artisans, in small batches at a time. Due to the inherent nature of handcrafted products, there may be slight variations from one item to the next including wood grain. Our products are never mass produced and these minor distinctions ensure that each piece is truly one of a kind.