S-Table-02 Volcanic Stone Table - A Story of Resilience and Beauty

    The Philippines is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Mt. Pinatubo. It’s eruption in 1991 is said to be the second-largest volcanic eruption of that century and it completely altered the landscape of its surrounding areas and communities. The communities in the area close to Mt. Pinatubo, including one of our partner workshops, have learned to live and thrive with the after effects of that infamous explosion.

    Volcanic Side Table S-Table-02


    At Dalisay Collection we created our S-Table-03 Volcanic Side Table as a homage to the thrilling beauty of this dramatic but devastating event and to honor the makers that work with the material masterfully. The bottom piece is made of volcanic stone that takes four days of chiseling by local artisans to reveal the unique colors of each stone used, before being matched with an acacia wood top. The masterful art of hand chiseling, the raw stone colorings, and the unique wood grain of each Acacia wood used makes each piece one-of-a-kind. But we don’t stop there. At Dalisay Collection, we believe in aesthetics with ethics. 

    Volcanic StoneOne of our makers carefully chiseling volcanic stone.

    One of our values is conscious design and creating with circular design principles in mind. This piece is no different.The use of volcanic stone was intentional not only because of its unique aesthetic but also because of its natural abundance in areas close to where most of our artisans live. The stone itself must be harvested to avoid clogging local rivers that lead to flooding in surrounding areas. The top piece on the other hand is made from salvaged acacia wood, a very durable material from felled trees following typhoons. 


    These materials are given new life in Dalisay Collection’s design. We created a piece that carries the human spirit of strength and brings it to your home, a piece that embodies beauty and resiliency in the midst of catastrophes.