Blur the Lines of Indoor & Outdoor Living

    Inspired by the approaching cooler weather in Hong Kong, ADAPT was designed for the enjoyment of outdoor spaces and extending your traditional indoor living spaces into the outdoors. 

    Featuring a timeless aesthetic and made with materials specifically chosen to withstand harsh outdoor elements, pieces in this collection easily ADAPT to your space, whether indoors or out.

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    From October 5-12, 2021 Dalisay Collection’s Outdoor Living Collection, ADAPT, is available for pre-order. All pre-orders save 15% on one-time purchases or 15% off the first month of Flexible Ownership plans. Use the code OutdoorLiving upon checkout.

    Dalisay Collection pieces are made to evolve with your lifestyle. Buy or try our Outdoor Living Collection with Flexible Ownership Plans ranging from 3 to 12 months. Learn more about Flexible Ownership

    Available in multiple sizes to ADAPT to your terrace, rooftop, garden, and even your indoor living spaces, our Sofa-03 and Chair-03 are made with solid mahogany wood from salvaged trees following typhoons in the Philippines. The wood is treated and protected, making it UV and water resistant while the plush cushions are made with UV Pro Fabric, which is engineered for durability outdoors. 

    Left: Chair-03, Right: Sofa-03

    The unique back detailing coupled with your choice of 5 cushion colors — Straw, Rust, Parchment, Mist, or Birch make it adaptable to any space in your home.

    Our Outdoor Living collection was designed intentionally and made to be lightweight for easy movement between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

    Featuring two types of locally sourced solid wood, coffee table C-Table-04 and the side table S-Table-04 contrast rich mahogany with light tanguile for a unique design, perfect for serving drinks or food when entertaining.

    Left: C-Table-04, Right: S-Table-04

    We have also adapted several pieces from our inaugural indoor collection for outdoor use. These pieces can be purchased with an outdoor protective coating to really help you bring the indoors out.

    Left: D-Table-01, Right: C-Table-02

    Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor with Dalisay Collection’s Outdoor Living Collection, ADAPT. Own pieces that ADAPT with the seasons, your spaces, and most importantly, you.

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